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Our innovative style is to brings you an old fashioned service and at a reasonable cost!




Mobile Mechanic Cape Cos

What is a Mobile Mechanic.

For your convenience, we come to you for all your repair work saving you not only time but money in several ways:

  • All work carried out by a fully experienced Master Mechanic

  • All labor fully guaranteed

  • All parts where applicable, are fully guaranteed

  • More than competitive labor rates

Our pledge to you: Our innovative style brings you old fashioned service
at a reasonable cost coupled with honesty and integrity. We will assess
your vehicle and truthfully let you know if we feel it is worth investing the
money in repairs. Also because your safety is paramount to us we will
fully complete all repairs...... no short cuts!

Our rates:

$85.00 per hour (min. labor 1 hour) during normal business  Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Overtime rates apply thereafter including all day Saturdays.
Sundays and Holidays are charged our at double time.

Note: Mileage and/or travel time may apply depending on your location.