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The Vehicular Surgeon

From your muffler to your horn!

All Work Fully Licensed, Insured and Guaranteed.


Specialist in foreign and domestic autos. New and used.
All Repairs and Maintenance.

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All Repairs • DOT Inspections
Full Mechanical Service
up to 2600 GVW

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Mechanical Repairs of Industrial Landscaping Equipment incl. Woodchippers and Stumpgrinders...

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New Customers

Wally will give you 10% off labour and parts! What a lovely chap!


discount $50

$50 Off Brake Re-lines With Our Top Quality Parts.

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10% Off Labour and Parts For All New Customers and AARP Members

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10% Off Labour and Parts For All Veterans,
Members of the Police, Fire and Medical Service

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10% Off Labour and Parts For All Members of Wallys Bumper Sticker Club

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A back story on Wally...

It all started with a ...

Wally is a master mechanic with an indentured 5 years apprenticeship. He started his career at the age of 11 years by working in his uncles garage in the Jersey Channal Islands, UK.

He believes in old fashion values and if something is worth doing, it's worth doing properly.

Wally's Word

A few of Wally's favourite sayings translated
That was someting I was not expecting
Probably better off getting the B-bus for a whiile

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10% discount for bumper sticker club!

Wally's customer reviews...

  • "Wally's fast, reliable
    and experienced in every aspect of automotive repair. Great customer experience. He is above all else, honest. Wally provides expert diagnostics and seasoned repair services. He gives customer convenience and assurance. If you can find an honest mechanic who actually knows what he's doing you have saved yourself piles of money and lots of time sitting around waiting. I am certain you will be very satisfied if Wally is your mechanic."

  • "I have been fortunate to have received and observed the exceptional expertise of Wally Heys (Trucks Inc.) regarding the repair of my vehicle. His experience in his profession is extensive and his top priority is in the area of safety."

In brief

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Knowledgable
  • A Bloomin Great Chap!

Bring your mechanical problems
to Wally for a great customer experience.

All Wally's magical work is
licensed, insured & fully guaranteed.

All Work Fully Guaranteed.

Contact Wally if you want the job done right!

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